Tuesday, February 21, 2006

U.S. Envoy in Iraq Accuses Iran Of Assisting Militias, Insurgents

The Drum drum drum drum beat for war on Iran.

It's not the Bushies fault we're stuck in quicksand in Iraq, no it's Irans!

Let's go get 'em.

Wait a minute, folks.

Lets go over some facts about the possibility of a war on Iran.

Iran has a real army, not a bunch of scared conscripts pushed into battle by relatives of the supreme ruler.

Iran does have WMDs.

Estimates on how many of our own troops might die if we invade Iran are a quarter million.

The upper limit of 'draft age' has been raised to 35 during the Bush administration.

In 2004, Bush ordered the Selective Service to preform tests to show it was able to start up a draft withing 75 days.

Rep. Nick Smith (R now retired) and Chuck Weldon sponsored a bill in December 2001 to start up a draft of all young men and women to train and prepare them for war. Yes, Democrats introduced dummy draft bills in 2003, but those were just attempts to get American citizens to wake up to what war could bring. They also knew that a bill introduced by a Democrat into the Republican controlled Congress has about a snowman's chance in Tucson in July.

As the army is currently run, women in Iraq are dying in an attempt to avoid rape. The last commander of all the forces in Iraq, when told of the massive rape problem and the deaths that have ensued said basically it wasn't his problem. Vermont Guardian

Experts agree that the US cannot engage in further military action of any size without a draft.

Better do something substantial starting now about this drumbeat to a new war.


Blogger Stevansky said...

What pray tell do we do with Iran? A government and population that foam at the mouth over some stupid cartoons is way too unstable to trust regarding nuclear weapons. That they support, condone, and enable terroists is a well known fact, and they would have few qualms with handing over a nuke to anyone they thought might successfully deploy it. They are also rapidly developing the capability to field an ICBM.

We don't have to invade Iran, but we can attack their nuclear facilities with bunker busting munitions. We must also unequivocally declare that if the U.S. is attacked by a nuclear device fielded by terrorists that it WILL result in nuclear retaliation against Iran, and we might want to include Syria in the target list as well.

A diplomatic solution is impossible as long as the ayatollahs hold sway as they are incapable of engaging in coherent discussion. They consider themselves the center of the universe and legends in their own minds. Their goals? Nothing short of the globalization of shira law and the defeat of all infidels. How do you negotiate with that?!?

10:49 AM, February 21, 2006  
Blogger Martin M said...

Thanks for showing us the racism of the right wingers stevansky.

First of all, lets deal with your assumption that we can just bomb Iran and get away scot free.

Those experts who are being honest are saying that if we 'bomb Iran' (killing scores, but hey, in your oppinion they are just hot headed brown folks') that we will destabilize half the world. There are the kind of folks that said that if we invaded Iraq we would likely be looking at a civil war as the result. Well, now that Civil War has broken out, I guess we'd better be looking at what those smarter experts are saying about bombing Iran.

But no you have your talking points from Karl Rove to go through.

Blah blah blah. The "Islamists" (what the hell is an Islamist if not a Muslim who isn't obedient to the American way of massive exploitation of working people for the enrichment of the corporations).

World domination (Oh yeah, the world domination crew we are seeing killing hundreds of thousands of people is right here in DC)

Too unstable. More of the vaunted right wing racism.

Like I said. Thank you very much for showing the world what you right wingers are like.

10:29 AM, February 23, 2006  

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